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Admittedly I am still reeling from the success of our conference Maid in the USA. During the next couple of weeks we will be posting more follow up from the conference, including a set of FAQs that was compiled by one of the CMGC policy options undergraduate students and a digest of the notes that were taken at each round table regarding potential next steps for organizing in New Jersey.

Because domestic labor is a major interest of mine, in part because of its significance to my family history and the centrality of its history to my scholarship, I am going to be maintaining the blog as a space for my own thoughts as I continue the intellectual journey that is qualifying exams and dissertation writing and musings on the contemporary state of domestic worker activism as it builds momentum across the country.

In the mean time check out this video by John Meyer, an undergraduate student in Arts, Culture, and Media, who took some footage of the conference and created something really cool.

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